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100% Silk Satin Beauty Pillowcase

100% Silk Satin Beauty Pillowcase

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Add a touch of satin softness to your bedroom. Soft, silky, satin pillow cases are great for keeping moisturized hair and skin. Yes, standard pillowcases can zap moisture from hair and skin.

  • 100% silk satin

  • US FITS A STANDARD TO QUEEN SIZE PILLOW: Specs 20" Wide 30" Long (50X75CM) 1pcset

  • Has Silky Smooth Texture

  • Machine Washable. Washthepillowcase in cold water with mild liquid detergent on a gentle cycle. Hang to air dry, no dryer.

7 BeautyBenefitsof Sleeping on aSatin Pillowcase...
  • Smoother Skin. Sleeping on a cottonpillowcasecan result in sleep lines on your face.
  • Softer Skin. Cottonpillowcasescan rob moisture from your face and hair by absorbing your skin's natural oils.
  • Shinier Hair.
  • Less Hair Breakage.
  • Avoid Hair Loss. ...
  • Hair Styles Last Longer.
  • Healthier Eyelashes.
  • Slows aging.

Color: Black

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