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Incense Starter Kit Vol. 2
Incense Starter Kit Vol. 2

Incense Starter Kit Vol. 2

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The ultimate starter kit is perfect for someone interested in Incense or you want to add to your collection.

Valued at $20.

Kit includes:

1 Wooden Holder

1 Frankincense Incense bundle-20 sticks

1 Vanilla Musk Incense bundle-20 sticks

1 Pink Sugar Incense bundle-20 sticks

Comes in beautiful organza gift bag.

What are Incense?Incense are made from organic material that release a fragrance when burned. Incense have been used for thousands of years starting with Egyptians who used them for rituals, warding off evil spirits, repelling insects, and simply to cover up bad odors. Nowadays you will find incense used in prayer, meditation, in homes for their calming affects, and to set a certain ambiance.

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