Diva Leopard Face Mask
Diva Leopard Face Mask

Diva Leopard Face Mask

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During this time of pandemic, having reusable face masks is extremely necessary. Wearing reusable face masks provides a layer of protection against airborne viruses and dusts. Mostly providing safeguard against hand-to-mouth transfer of germs, these masks can be carried as go-to protective accessories. If you are particularly health conscious to practice good hygiene, then you should wear these masks whenever you are traveling or working outdoors. Including ear loops and elastic straps to hold, these mask will be securely fitting for your face and stay in place without slipping off for its sealing effect.

The smooth construction of these reusable masks provides good permeability or air transfer for proper breathing. Alternatively, when people cough and sneeze around you, wearing these masks will help stop the flecks of germs from flying and infecting others to some extent. Thus, carry them with you to wear them suitably for regular use at outdoors.

Adult - One size fits most
Composition: 50% cotton blend/ 50% Polyester 

Care Instruction:
Reusable and easy to clean.
Wash in cold water and gentle detergent.