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Detox Brush with Massage Nodules
Detox Brush with Massage Nodules
Detox Brush with Massage Nodules

Detox Brush with Massage Nodules

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Combining flexible nodules with natural bristles, give multiple Health & Beauty benefits from this one brush! The nodules stimulate the lymph and blood flow helping to eliminate toxins that cause cellulite. Used after exercise, the nodule massage helps break down lactic acid that causes cramps, while the natural bristles exfoliate and unblock pores for smooth skin and a radiant appearance.

How to use: for massage, use in wide circular motions on problem areas to improve circulation and help reduce the orange peel effect. For exfoliation, use sweeping strokes of the bristle all over the body.

Follow up with our Body Enrichment Balm for ultimate soft and supple skin.

Brush Care: wash regularly in soapy water, rinse and air dry naturally with bristles facing down. Size: approx4 inchesdiameter.

Please note that this brush uses hogs' hair, a natural by product, and is therefore unsuitable for vegans.