Ice Face Roller
Ice Face Roller

Ice Face Roller

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Let the ice be your therapy...

This is a more intensive facial exercise.

How to use: Close both pieces with the filling hole up top. Fill with water then close the hole and place upright in your freezer until the unit is frozen. Could take 4+ hours to freeze solid. To remove cover for use, run under warm water for 10 seconds to loosen.

Massage over face in circular motions during 30 seconds intervals.

Discontinue use if there is pain or discomfort.

  • Suitable for all skin types. Reduces redness, remove puffiness and fine lines, smooths skin, improve skin problems, can also use for a body massage. It has multiple functions such as beauty, cleansing, and blood circulation.
  • The multi-function design of this product can meet a variety of needs. It can help improve the contour and shape of your face, improve skin radiance, and make you glow. You can also use it for full body massage, which can effectively promote facial blood circulation, lubricate the skin, make the skin more elastic and firm.
  • This refillable silicone cube can be used multiple times and is developed with durable materials, which can save you money.
  • You can customize the ice according to your specific skin needs, such as adding lemon for brightening, green tea for inflammation, cucumber water for reducing swelling, and coconut milk for moisturizing and anti-aging.
  • Small and light design, easy to use. the ergonomic hand design is easy to grasp, and the ice roller head can slide on the skin, refreshing and calming the skin. It helps improve the skin by conditioning, contouring, shaping and lifting, while at the same time creating a healthy glow for the skin by stimulating blood circulation.