What's My Skin Type?

What's your skin type? - Grace of Melanin


**Why is Acne missing? Because Acne is not a skin type, but instead a skin condition, in which, products are used to treat and clear it up over time.

Alrighty then, let's get into it. I'm really excited to cover this. But wait, make sure you take the Skin Type test above, so you really get full use of this blog, don't worry, I'll wait for you.🤎

1 hour later..(SpongeBob voice)

Ok, you ready luv? Yes?


Skin Type varies on multiple factors:

  • Genetics
  • Age
  • Weather 
  • Underlying conditions
  • Hygiene
Lifestyle factors can influence skin type as well. For example, stress, smoking, heavy sun exposure, and heavy drinking can influence skin health, look and feel.

    Skin types can also be combined. For example, you can be sensitive/oily, dry/sensitive, etc.. And your skin type can change over time. For example, in my 20s, I was combination, now in my late 30s, I am normal. It's just the way of life, change is certain, just have to go whichever way the river flows.

    Trust, there are many important reasons for knowing your skin type. One, it can help you buy the correct products that are intended for you.

    For example, if you are sensitive, but suffer from acne breakouts, you can use products for acne, but steer clear of anything with harsh chemicals or drying agents. If you are sensitive only, use gentle or sensitive skin products to counteract irritation and/or inflammation.

    If you are normal, you pretty much can use anything, lucky star, you.🤎

    If you have oily or combination skin, you can use toners, light moisturizing products like a gel or serum, and clarifying facial cleansers to combat oil production.

    Dry skin types, can use oil or cream based products to help with dryness, tightness, and flaking. Severe dry skin types, may benefit from rich oil cleansers or butters and balms to deeply moisturize dry skin. However, be sure that they are non-comodogenic or non pore-clogging. Otherwise, this can lead to breakouts, blackheads and/or acne.

    Lastly, expensive doesn't always mean effective. I repeat, expensive doesn't always mean effective. There are many affordable products that get the job done. And a lot of them are here on the Marketplace. You just have to test and find what works best for you. 

    To sum it all up, knowing your skin type prepares you for success in taking care of your skin. Let's just say, your face is the canvas, and the products and tools are your paint brushes. Test wisely to get that beautiful Masterpiece.

    Most importantly, be sure to check out the Cleansing , Tools and Moisturizers Collections, here on the Grace of Melanin Marketplace. There are products for all Skin types available, to help you #GETTHEGLOW.

    Be well.🤎



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