The Power of Fragrance...

Fragrance Body Oils

Have you ever walked by someone or something, and were instantly captured by their fragrance? Whatever thoughts or notions you had in mind were stopped abruptly? This is the power of Fragrance. 

Definition of fragrance

1a: a sweet or delicate odor (as of fresh flowers, pine trees, or perfume).
b: something (such as a perfume) compounded to give off a sweet or pleasant odor.
2: the quality or state of having a sweet odor. 
Now that you know the formal definition, let's get informal. Fragrances help us keep memories closer and remind us of the good times. For example, when I smell baby powder, I think of watching Three's Company with my Grandmother back in '87, and her comforter always smelled like baby powder. It was this same comforter that she used, to wrap me up in warmth and love. I am instantly transported back to good times, when I smell baby powder. So dope.🤎
However, back then, majority of American Fragrances were in liquid spray form. As time went on, manufacturers started watering down full bodied perfumes, for more profit.
Because of this, Fragrance Body Oils and Alcohol Denat(Halal) Perfumes from the Middle East and Africa, gained popularity.
And due to their affordability, high potency, and long lasting endurance, they are in high demand.
This is why a vast mix of both oils and sprays on the Marketplace, ready for you to indulge and create memories of your own.
Check out our Fragrances.


Be well.🤎



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