N O T E O L O G Y 101

It's the Notes for me....

Fragrance Noteology - Grace of Melanin

Fragrance notes play an important role in building a scent masterpiece.
As you can see in the pyramid above, each note depends on the other to create the full body of the scent. This delicate composition of the different notes and their interaction with your body chemistry, are what make a fragrance unique. Without combining different notes, a fragrance would not be as pleasant and to put it frankly, boring. So let's give it up for the Top, Middle and Base notes.
And did you know each fragrance on the Marketplace list each note?
For example:

Fragrance Note Pyramid- Grace of Melanin

Just slide to the right pic and catch that important information pyramid. I feel like the more info you have, the better you feel about your purchase...
So, be sure to check out our Fragrances Collection and grab some of the best fragrances online, curated with love of course.
Take my word for it...
Be well.🤎

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