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Kid Hygiene- Grace of Melanin

One of the joys of being a child, is being a child. Can I get a witness?

Minimal responsibilities, no bills, no job. Just go to school, eat your veggies and get good grades..easy right?

Think about it. If you could reverse the clock and revisit your childhood, what would you do?

Me: I'll take a first class ticket back to 1985, for $1000, please Alex.不 For the reason, your girl had fun back then. And one of my favorite memories as a kid, was bathtime.

I remember the bubble bath, that famous pink bottle of baby lotion and Mom, putting coconut oil in my hair to nourish it. When she took care of me, I felt special. And like clockwork,I always got sleepy after my bath..it was like magic or something.

She was magic.

Now that I am an adult, I learned not only were those bathtimes comforting, but they were also the blueprint for my own hygiene/grooming and love of self-care. Furthermore, opening the Marketplace to supply you all. See, how that works?..

My parents were lucky though, they had two kids who enjoyed bathing. However, some parents are not so lucky....

Don't fret. If this is the case for you, here are some tips to help you out:

  • Talk to them- find out why your child is eager to skip bathtime.
    • Are they scared of the water?
    • Did they have a bad experience?
    • Would they rather watch Baby Shark instead?
    • Let them open up to you. And with reassurance, past behaviors may be left behind.
  • Have a set time for bathing- setting a routine time can create an expectation for the child. They know what to expect and what they need to do, to move on the next thing. Builds time management skills.
  • Make it fun- the Bedtime Kid Care Kiton the Grace of Melanin, Marketplace, is a wonderful kit for kids to have fun. Be sure to check it out. Also, you can addtoys, play fun music or games while bathing. Creates an inviting and bonding experience.
  • Switch it up- let them try out the shower, if they are old enough. Nothing wrong with changing your bathing venue.
  • Let them pick out hygiene products- this introduces them to finance as well, and builds anticipation for bathtime, because they picked out their own products.
  • Create a reward system- this works best for older children. If they take their bath or shower without being asked, they can get a reward of your choice. We are all more likely to do things, when an incentive is involved.

To sum it all up, good hygiene starts from jump, and kids mimic what they see.

So, the best way to get them on a good hygiene track, is to have a solid routine yourself. Trust, this will help them build their own.

And, if there are some bumps along the way, the tips above are very helpful.

Be well.


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