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Let's Throw it Back!🤎

So, it's Halloween weekend and I never understood scary costumes lol. I prefer to dress up like my favs and vicariously live through them for a night. This year I chose Lil' Kim, last year I was Janet Jackson. These are both iconic musical Queens and check out my salute to Lil' Kim. How did I do?🤣🤎👏🏾

The makeup was pretty simple in the late 90s and lots of matte looks (including super matte lips and heavy liner), no dewy looks at all. If you know me well, you know I'm addicted to highlight, so this was a little tough, but I got through it. I also used the autumn spice eyeshadow palette from the Marketplace, for the eyes. It's all in fun.👏🏾🤎

Anyways, let me go🤣. If you celebrate Halloween, have a blast and be safe. 

Be well.




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