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Juneteenth- Grace of Melanin
It's always been official to us, but: Juneteenth is now a national holiday! We commemorate freedom day for our Ancestors and recognize their sacrifice and bravery.
How will you celebrate, June 19th?
Here are some great ideas:
1. One of the top ways our people say they will mark Juneteenth is by supporting Black-owned businesses, especially yours truly...
2. Learn the History and spread the word. The many resources available include the book Juneteenth by Ralph Ellison and the film Miss Juneteenth.
3. Celebrate by attending a Parade or hosting a BBQ in your town with beloved friends and family. Invite neighbors too. This is the time to bond and celebrate us!!
4. Google, Juneteenth events near me and attend. Wear red as it is the color associated with the holiday, it symbolizes sacrifice and transition. Celebrations typically include red foods like red velvet cake, red beverages, watermelon and barbecued meats. Popular sides including corn bread, collard greens and cabbage represent prosperity, good fortune and wealth in Black history.
Enjoy, Graces!!

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