Disappointment, leading to a Return?😢

Have you ever used a product and felt like it didn't work?

If so, keep on reading.👀🤎

If this has ever occurred, try to give it another shot, but I need you to do three things:

1. Read the directions and ensure you are using it accordingly.

2. Invest in a tool to use along with the product.

3. Give it time to work.

For the reasons, a lot of consumers unknowingly misuse their Bodycare products. Especially when they do not turn over and read the instructions on proper use.

Let's play a game.😝

Let's imagine you spent $$$ and years or months developing a product. You sourced all ingredients and packaging, you've tested on yourself, you've tested on others, you handmade or had it manufactured. Basically, you know the product inside and out.

So... best believe you will know the best and most efficient way to use the product. This is why reading and following product directions is so important. Because you learn how to use the product optimally, from the creator themselves.

Furthermore, a lot of products have time limits. If you leave on for a shorter or longer time, you are misusing.

There is also a shelf life symbol, called the PAO symbol. The period-after-opening symbol or PAO symbol is a graphic symbol that identifies the useful lifetime of a cosmetic product after its package has been opened for the first time.

You definitely want to pay attention to this,  as the product is optimal during this time period.

PAO Symbol- Grace of Melanin


Now to be fair, some product directions are vague and give room for trial and error. In this case, it is very easy to contact the seller for more details. A lot are receptive to improving your product experience and will oblige.

Now let's discuss the importance of Tools...

A facial brush gently lifts dead skin, dirt, oils and sebum more efficiently and can help your cleanser work even better.

Now, if you have sensitive skin or acne-prone skin, using your hands to cleanse may be preferential, since it is the most gentle approach. But, if you have normal, oily, dry or combination skin, a face brush can give you better results by cleansing and exfoliating at the same time. Tools are a great partner to your Bodycare products.🤎

Be sure to check out the Top 3 Reasons Bodycare Tools help your routine video. This quick and informative video is courtesy of our Tiktok.

Patience is a virtue...

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see results right away when using new tools or products. It usually takes 1-2 months for noticeable changes to show. But if you keep at it consistently, they will show!

To close out this blog, there's an important reason why we have directions, drills, nails and hammers. For they make building, so much more efficient. This applies to Bodycare as well.

So....please read product directions entirely, give tools a chance and have patience.🤎

Jade Roller Benefits - Grace of Melanin

Be well.🤎


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