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100% Dried Sorrel, Hibiscus Tea, 4.5 oz.
100% Dried Sorrel, Hibiscus Tea, 4.5 oz.

100% Dried Sorrel, Hibiscus Tea, 4.5 oz.

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HealthBenefitsofSorrel: Indians, Mexicans, and Africans use it as a diuretic, to thin blood, and to lower blood pressure. JamaicanSorrelis high in vitamins and minerals with powerful antioxidant properties. It helps lower elevated blood pressure, bad cholesterol and detoxify the entire body. The famous drink is prepared by steeping the outer skin of the red fruit in hot water. This can be done with fresh or dried fruit, and produces a rich red liquid. Over the years, different territories have added their own cultural flavorings to give the sorrel drink a taste unique to that country. In Jamaica, for instance, sorrel is brewed with varying strengths of ginger producing a perky flavor ranging from mild to spicy. Occasionally, a dash of rum may be added to preserve the drink. Cinnamon, cloves and bay leaves are added in Trinidad and Tobago. If sweetness is desired, sorrel requires sugar or honey to sweeten. The drink is served chilled or hot to relax the body.

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