Black Butter Incense
Black Butter Incense-100 Sticks

Black Butter Incense-100 Sticks

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  • Black Butter is a powerful and rich fragrance that can take over any undesired scent while leaving a mesmerizing rich and buttery scent. Perfect for everyone. With an exotic touch of buttery mango, vanilla, sugar, sandalwood, and patchouli, it is deep, clean, fresh and rich.
  • Hand Dipped Concentrated Incense- 100 sticks each pack
  • Stick colors may vary.

Use these healing and aromatic incense sticks to:

  • Calm the Mind.
  • Boost the Mood.
  • Create Harmony and Balance.
  • Induces Relaxation.

These incense sticks are hand dipped and fresh.

What are Incense? Incense are made from organic material that release a fragrance when burned. Incense have been used for thousands of years starting with Egyptians who used them for rituals, warding off evil spirits, repelling insects, and simply to cover up bad odors. Nowadays you will find incense used in prayer, meditation, in homes for their calming affects, and to set a certain ambiance.

**Burning Time : 30 minutes**

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